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Benchmark Workout: “Andrea”

In CrossFit, the benchmark workouts — the killer workouts that one returns to again and again to mark progress over time — are known as “The Girls.” Like tropical storms, each has a female name. CrossFitters know their “Fran” and “Grace” times, and compare notes.

I often don’t get to the gym and have been doing outdoor workouts with my trainer and friend, Grant Hill, for some time. I recently modified a workout he first showed me and it is a super go-to benchmark for overall metabolic conditioning.

In honor of my sweetie, I’m calling it “Andrea.”

First, grab a heavy kettlebell for swings. (If you don’t know how to do kettlebell swings, read this.)

Then, take your kettlebell and find a small hill. Something that takes about 15 paces to reach the top, give or take. If you can’t find that, just pick a spot 15 paces up a larger hill and mark it so you know the distance.

Now, here comes the workout.


1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ladder, for time:

  • Hill sprints (start at bottom; up/down = 1)
  • Burpees at bottom of hill
  • Kettlebell swings at bottom of hill

So, that means you’ll do one hill sprint (up then down), one burpee, and one kettlebell swing. Then, two hill sprints, two burpees, and two kettlebell swings. And so forth, until you get to 10 of each.

Record your time to complete the full thing. Track that every month or so.

You’ll hate me somewhere around 7.

Grant originally showed this to me without the burpees. I added them in because my conditioning has improved since then and I wanted to push myself a little harder.

Let me know if you like it!


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