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My Local Source For Local Grass Fed Beef And Other Good Food

I was delighted to hear my dogs start barking uncontrollably this morning, sometime around 7:30 am. Normally that irks me. This time I welcomed the sound.

Why? Because it meant we were receiving our very first weekly shipment from South Mountain Creamery! They even left it in a nifty metal porch box that made me feel quite rural.

The New Box

The New Box

The dogs were barking at this box not unlike the Paleolithic humans freaking out at the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. Come to think of it, that is sort of apt.

It’s been hard to find a convenient and reliable source for grass-fed beef. The places I have found so far have required me to go out of my way, or to set up drop-off and pick-up appointments — or the source of the food is from far away, like New Zealand (in the case of Trader Joe’s grass-fed ground beef).

I wanted somewhere from right around the area. I knew about South Mountain — they are located not far from Frederick, Maryland — but I thought of them as milk and dairy-only. Then my trainer, Grant Hill, told me they provided all manner of food and I got excited . . . only to have my hopes dashed when I learned that there was a waiting list to get on their regular delivery routes.

Well, the time has passed and I am off the list! Or, rather, I on a new list: Each Tuesday, I now get a delivery of milk, eggs, bacon, steaks, and ground beef patties.


Our First Delivery

Our First Delivery

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  1. Sam Elowitch · January 23, 2013 Reply

    Nice. How’s the pricing?

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