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Working Out With A Trainer

Insane sledgehammer workout

Insane sledgehammer workout

I know that many friends look at all of the fitness things I do and think to themselves: “How insane is that person!” I will grant you that I work out at a fairly intense level these days, but there is much more to the story. I try to work at the edge of my fitness level so that I can constantly improve, rather than stay static.

I want to give a strong recommendation to the idea of working with a personal trainer. In 2008, I first tried working with a trainer and discovered how useful it can be. My first trainer was Kristen Boisvert, and then I worked with Ellie Heidel. Both were terrific.

No, it is not cheap, but working about two times per week with a trainer can ensure that you have proper form and also ensure that, for at least those two sessions, you are pushing yourself as hard as you can. It also helps ensure that you do not get bored, as most good trainers vary their routines every day.

I have never had a trainer act like a drill sergeant and yell at me in a negative way, to the contrary: they are always encouraging and I always find myself wanting to please them by working my hardest. It really is an excellent support to a personal fitness plan.

Grant Hill

Grant Hill

My current trainer is Grant Hill. He is incredible and very skilled person, with deep knowledge. His workouts are always tailored to me – exactly where I am and what is going on with that day. He also has a plan in mind, that unfolds over time. That plan is based on our conversations about what my goals are. That can shift also over time but it is always rooted in our initial discussions about my goals.

I cannot recommend Grant enough. He comes to my home if that is where we have agreed to meet, or we meet at a park. He brings all the equipment that we need and I have always ended my sessions with him knowing I got a great (and thoughtful) workout.

I strongly recommend at least doing it a little bit if you are at all curious – don’t be scared by the intense photos I post. Grant will meet you where you are, figuratively and literally. YOU are in control of how intense it is.

If you are on the fence, give it a try! I don’t think you will be at all disappointed.

[Note: This post began life as a Facebook note — I ported it over to this blog.]

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